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Medical research helps us learn how our bodies work, why we get sick, and what we can do to get and stay well.

The goal of medical research is to extend the length of life and to improve the quality of life for the population. Medical research includes the basic, applied, and translational research intended to aid and support the body of knowledge in the field of health and medicine.

Research Papers Published in Reputed Journals
National & International
S.No Title of Research Paper Authors Year of Publication Journal
1 Comparative evaluation of efficacy and tolerability of improvised topical azithromycin 2% gel and clindamycin 1% gel in patients with Acne Vulgaris Dr.Rajesh.R 2012 Journal of Pharmacy Research Vol.5 Issue 7 July 2012
2 Dyslipidaemia among type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in a rural Hospital in Erode district, Tamil Nadu Dr.R.Subburam Dr.A.Celestine Raj Manohar Mr.S.Sachithnantham 2013 Indian Med.Assoc. Vol.111 No.1 Jan 2013
3 Management of Intellectual Property Rights Information on the free flow of Knowledge. Mr.S.Sachithanantham Dr.A.Celestine Raj Manohar Dr.R.Subburam 2012 Indian Journal of Information Library & Society, Vol.25 N1-2 Jan - Jun 2012
4 A study of knowledge, attitude of health care professional workers for the uses of highly active anti retroviral therapy (HAART) in tertiary care rural teaching hospital. Mr.Arbind Kumar Choudhary 2013 International Journal of Advances in Pharmaceutical Research 05/2013; Vol.4 (issue.5):5-2013
5 Perception of Adverse Drug Reaction Among Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists of A Tertiary Care Rural Teaching Hospital. Mr.Arbind Kumar Choudhary 2013 The Internet Journal of Pharmacology 04/2013; Vol.12, (Number 1)
6 A Study of the awareness on detail flourosis prevalence in Education to the people affected by Kulathur at Dindigul District. Dr.V.N.Janakarajan 2013 Publication in Shanlax International Journal of Education A Quarterly Journal
7 Research Publications on Rabies Vaccine in India and China: A Scientometric Analysis Mr.S.Sachithanantham 2016 Vol.2 (1) Jan-Mar, 2016 ISSN: 2454-910X (online)
8 Scientometric analysis of rabies research literature in India: 1950 - 2014 Mr.S.Sachithanantham 2015 Scientometrics DOI 10.1007/s11192-015-1694-3
9 Non Adherence and its contributing Factors Among type two diabetic patients with Anti Diabetic treatment in a Rural Tertiary care teaching Hospital. Mr. Arbind Kumar Choudhary 2015 Indian Journal of Pharma Research 4 (10) 318-324
10 Utilization of Antibiotics in Various Clinical Departments in a Tertiary Teaching Rural Hospital, Tamil Nadu Mr. Arbind Kumar Choudhary 2015 World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science Volume-4, Issue 10, 1638-1648.
11 Assessment of Clinical therapeutic indicators of patient care in a tertiary teaching rural hospital Mr. Arbind Kumar Choudhary 2015 International Journal of Universal Pharmacy and Bio Sciences 4(6)
12 Circadian clock gene aryl ohydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator-like polymorphisms are associated with seasonal affective disorder: An Indian family study Dr. V.N.Janakarajan 2016 Indian Psychiatry online Journal
13 Abdominal pseudo hernia: a rare sequelae of complicated herpes zoster-case Report. Dr.V.Mohankumar Dr. S.Senthilkumar Dr. K.C.Subha Dr. R.Rajesh 2015 Internal Journal of Advances in Medicine 2015 Aug:2(3)278-281
14 Milker's nodule: Viral zoonosis among agricultural workers in a tertiary care hospital from rural Tamilnadu-case Report Dr.V.Mohankumar Dr. K.C.Subha Dr.Sendhil Sengodan Dr. R.Rajesh 2015 Internal Journal of Advances in Medicine 2015 May:2(2)167-171
16 Occupational exposure, drug toxicities and adherence to HIV post exposure prophylaxis a cohort study at the teaching hospital in Erode District Tamilnadu. Dr.V.Mohankumar Dr.Sendhil Sengodan Dr. R.Rajesh 2016 Internal Journal of Advances in Medicine Volume 3, Issue-3, Aug-2016
15 Prevalence of mucocutaneous manifestations in human immunodeficiency infection-learning from a rural centre in Tamilnadu, India Dr.V.Mohankumar Dr. R.Rajesh 2016 Internal Journal of Research Medical sciences. 2016 Jun4(6) 1959-1965
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